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winter essential: boot trays

February 13, 2013

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winter essential: boot trays

footed boot tray from viva terra

when i saw this boot tray (discovered via ez pudewa), i immediately glanced over at our muddy boots and realized this is one winter essential we’ve been missing out on. though the one above is no longer available, i decided to include it anyways, since you all are a crowd of talented diy-ers. i think you could pretty easily salvage an old metal crate and add some wheels to it to use as a boot tray! but don’t worry, if that’s not your style here are some others to choose from:

winter essential: boot trays

blacksmith boot tray | diy pebble filled tray | galvanized boot tray | daisy boot tray

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a woodland beauty

September 12, 2012

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owl color inspiration

owl by anastasia glebova via ez pudewa.

today my color palette has been inspired by this woodland beauty (can you tell i’m ready for cool weather?).

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our white christmas

January 3, 2011

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hello friends! haphaphappy new year!  before we get to any resolutions, i must share with you our white christmas! it’s true, though we have had no snow yet in colorado, my hometown in north carolina got more than i’ve seen in years. it started snowing around 6 am christmas morning and didn’t stop for at least 48 hours. we got 16 inches! i couldn’t believe it, and though i wasn’t sure our christmas could get any better, the snow just made it magical.

we had so much fun with our families and feel so blessed to be so close with each of them. christmas morning started with a roaring fire and pumpkin waffles at david’s parent’s house and then ended up with homemade hot chocolate and yummy mac and cheese at my parent’s house- plus lots of gift giving at each. we return today feeling incredibly blessed and thankful.

how was your christmas? was it white?

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well, the arctic weather is upon us! though i’m sure we’ll have much colder weather over the next few months, this is the first time that it feels like november.  there’s a 50% chance of snow tomorrow {squeal!} with a high of 31°F and the rest of the week isn’t looking much warmer.  so it’s time to get the boots out! you know, the ones with the fur?

These arctic animals from baby animals include:

1. an arctic rabbit

2. a polar bear

3. a caribou (or reindeer)

4. a narwhal

5. a lemming

note: i know we know each other much to well to be discussing the weather, but you see, the hub has been telling me for weeks that i can make soup on the first day it snows (let’s just say it’s not his favorite dish). so snow means soup and soup means warm hands and cozy evenings.

anyways, i’m feeling a bit like the arctic rabbit, as no matter how many furry things i put on, i’m still cold. how about you- what animal do you liken yourself to today?

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been loving lately

November 4, 2010

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etsy favorites

1 :: darbyshire feathered cloche 2 :: jersey turban 3 :: i see you fox 4 :: snow squall 5 :: teal wool button skirt

i have had each of these shops open in my browser now for days, knowing that i wanted to share them with you.  i mean, have you ever seen anyone pull off teal hair that well? or at all, really.. but i love it on her!  and the picture of this little fox leaves me speechless.  plus, i can just feel myself wearing that blue skirt, can’t you? hope you’ll go explore each of their shops, as they are all worthy of a browse.  enjoy!

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another snowy weekend

February 15, 2010

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happy monday!  i had big plans this weekend of working on a project to share with you all, but alas, a winter storm came and with it, all my plans went! so, here’s what we did this weekend, and i have to say, it was so much fun!

we’re laying one on top of the other here (just like in the video below)- this was the longest sled ride i’ve ever done!  and yes, i say

“oo don’t let us topple!”- who says that?

in addition to our hiking and sledding adventures, david got me a sweet card, some 70% cocoa chocolate (yum!) and a gift certificate to go shopping at my favorite health food store, room full of nuts.  haha! it might sound funny, but only he would know that grocery shopping at this place would be the best gift ever!  and, they’ve got great bubble bath, so we’re off to pick some out together today. ;)


welp, i’m off now to work on what i was trying to get done all weekend!  how was your valentine’s weekend?

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happy (snowy) monday!

February 1, 2010

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happy monday!  how was your weekend?  mine was quite adventurous, but lots of fun.  some of you know that i went to asheville, nc for a children’s yoga workshop, and they got about 8 inches of snow while we were there! it was a bit treacherous at times, but so beautiful.  and, somehow we all managed to get to and from the workshop safely, so it turned out great!

when the snow started falling, the whole city fell quite.  it was so peaceful, just like everything stopped and you could hear  a pin drop.  i love the way an unadulterated fresh snow looks.

me and the big snow tree! i have a thing for trees, this one just ‘spoke’ to me- ha!

snowy postman even though it snows, the mail still goes..

snow mail box

we had to hike to our car every day, and the scenery along the way was so pretty!

snowy fire hydrant

just about the only thing still showing color

snow walk

what was your weekend like?

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off to a snowy weekend!

January 29, 2010

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hello lovelies!  i’m off to a snowy city this weekend!  i have to leave bright and early this morning to make it to a workshop.   i’m attending a yoga weekend to get certified to teach children’s yoga! i’m so excited!  but, though it’s fair weather right now, they are expecting to receive 10 inches of snow by saturday- eeks! that’s a lot for us southerners, i sure hope to make it back before monday!

heart in the snow

heart in the snow

here are a few ideas and photos i’ve been lovin’ lately!

diy lamp 1 :: diy lamps 2 :: diy clock :: outdoor inspiration 1 :: outdoor inspiration 2 :: indoor inspiration

what have you been swooning over lately?

see you back here on monday, love! bonnie

p.s. don’t’ forget, tonight at 12:00pm est is the deadline to vote for the poppies awards, get your votes in now!

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