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i’ve been scouring the web for a new pair of fall shoes, so i thought i would put together a round up of the ones that caught my eye. have you bought any great fall shoes lately?

favorite fall picks - shoes edition

1: aligning up flats – $29.99
2: in no time flat – $29.99
3: kimchi blue barnaby – $39
4: lucky fats – $49.99

favorite fall picks - shoes edition

1: cinnamon scones heel – $49.99
2: sweet on sweets heel – $59.99
3: every walking moment – $39.99
4: mango your own way – $69.99
5: maytal oxford heels – $54.99
6: always chipper heel – $110.99
7: kitten heel pump – $65
8: bdg kitten heel – $49

favorite fall picks - shoes edition

1: peep toe wedge – $34.99
2: cooperative platform wedge – $59
3: christina lace up heels – $84.99
4: illi tweed wedge – $55.99
5: two birds t-strap – $99.99
6: all dressed up heel – $94.99

favorite fall picks - shoes edition

1: head to your taos boot – $139.99
2: cowboy boot – $29.99
3: fleet of foothill boot – $159.99

do you have any favorite picks for fall?

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golden polka dots galore

September 4, 2012

golden polka dots galore (1)

golden polka dots galore (2)

golden polka dots galore (4)

golden polka dots galore (5)

golden polka dots

golden polka dots

golden polka dots

golden polka dots

golden polka dots galore (6)

golden polka dots

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11

i’m glad that little golden polka dots are popping up all over the place. i think it’s their simplicity that makes them elegant and effortlessly timeless. they add just the right amount of class!

inspired by: elizabeth fink’s dotty board

glitter: adapted from pugly pixel’s bling glitter


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wide leg trouser love

August 10, 2012

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my latest love has been a big one (no pun intended!). after getting my first pair of wide leg trousers about 6 months ago, i have been a little obsessed ever since. over the months, i’ve accumulated 3 pairs- all of which i pretty much live in. my mission has always been one of trying to balance comfort with style, and wide leg trousers were my answer. they are so comfy, yet perfect for dressing up as well. the ideal travel, shopping and lounging pant (for me). here are a few of my favorites!

wide leg pants

row 1: dime novel wide legs | wide leg long pants (handmade!) | high waist linen pleated

row 2: one pacific trails pant | taha loungers | wide printed trousers

row 3: fold over linen pants | staring at stars wide leg | staring at stars print wide leg

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couture camera straps

May 17, 2012

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handmade camera straps

i’ll give you just a moment to catch your breath..


ok. when i found bloom theory (via erin godbeye), i just about fainted. could anything make you, your camera, or your outfit more stunning? i think not. bringing couture to cameras, bloom theory’s statement straps are officially on my love list. see them all here!

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a homesteading style

March 5, 2012

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lived in. rustic. antique. simple. natural. muted. this is my most favorite kind of style, one that gives you a sense of warm summer days and aprons blowing in the breeze.

rustic honey pot in ivory | mini french bread boards

ceramic still life | honeycomb linen pillow

lavender sachets | wooden spoon rack

peaches and blueberries | french country linen tea towels

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gift guide

i’ve just been drooling over this gift guide all morning. i fell in love with chevrons a long time ago, and i still love the simple chicness that they add to everything from home decor to jewelry. buying for a trendspotter this year? chevrons are sure to be a big hit!

row 1: crochet pattern – $4 | chevron striped scarf – $42 | chevron art – $40

row 2: mini leather journal – $19 | pioneer chevron earrings – $28 | chevron bracelet – $28

row 3: brass chevron necklace – $42 | grey chevron pillow – $45 | luna clutch – $28

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tie-dyed tips

July 20, 2011

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tie-dyed tips

ok, i know this is a little out of the realm for ghtr, but i ran across these tie-dyed tips earlier this week and have been more or less obsessed with them ever since. ummmm, aren’t they awesome!? i’m not sure that i could pull them off, but maybe i’ll try it before i get my next hair cut or something. what do you think? i mean, i am a california girl now, right?

tie-dyed tips

so let me know what you think… too crazy? visit the beauty department for full instructions, and be sure to share with us if you decide to tie-dye your tips!

xox, bonnie

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May 11, 2011

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living in the valley just seems to promote an easier way of life. i find that i’m most often in no hurry at all. i’ll walk to the mailbox rather than check it on my way in and somehow easily find time to catch up with friends and neighbors. when the electricity went out for some 4 hours yesterday, it didn’t seem to disrupt my life in the way it usually would have. i like that. an easier way of living calls for an easier way of dressing, and i think madewell screams long walks to the farmers market and strolls along the beach. what do you think? they are my latest favorite shop to browse through.

arrowhead fringe scarf; 59.50. summer sun hat; 38. whisper rainbow dress; 330. sunday stroll shirtdress; 168. market tote; 58. checked paperboy shirts; 59.50. getaway tank; 23. elastic sneakers; 55. ancient river necklace; 45.

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