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Aug 7 // sunset

August 7, 2013

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there’s nothing quite like the beauty of a sunset’s reflection on the water. as we ate dinner last night and watched the sail boats come and go from the inlet, i couldn’t help but wonder where they were going, and what their story was. with nothing but the wind to guide you, it must feel good to explore the open sea.

the august break this month, i’m excited to be participating in the august break, where i’ll be sharing photos with you from my personal life each day and taking a break from writing “regular” content for going home to roost. meanwhile, i’ll be preparing our hearts and our home for baby roost’s arrival and taking some very special time to spend with my love before we welcome our first son into the world. find out more about the august break and how to join here.

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kona, hawaii pictures

January 21, 2013

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hey guys! as many of you know, david and i were able to spend last week in kona, hawaii (!!!). it was the trip of a lifetime- one we’ll never forget! today, i just wanted to share with you a few of the photos i snapped while we were there. it was so beautiful!

kona hawaii (6)

kona hawaii (1)

david navigating some lava rock.

kona hawaii (13)   kona hawaii (4)

we saw some of the most beautiful sunsets of our entire lives. we made a routine to watch it every night!

kona hawaii (5)   kona hawaii (7)

a little double rainbow decided to bless us one day.

kona hawaii (8)

my favorite routine was walking to breakfast in the dark to watch the sunrise, our path illuminated by torches.

kona hawaii (9)

kona hawaii (10)

kona hawaii (2)

this was my view most mornings, as i worked support for david and his athlete.

kona hawaii (11)

let’s just say my winter berry bowl took a giant leap upwards.

kona hawaii (12)

cattle farms and ocean views.

kona hawaii (3)

our trip home was smooth and we’re excited to get back to our home, families and toaster- but i sure hope we get to go back one day!

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photos from our lives

October 18, 2011

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photos from our lives

oh, how i love waking up to this sunrise!

photos from our lives

seaside view from watching the mister surf.

photos from our lives

photos from our lives

it’s grape picking time! workers harvesting the crop, right outside our window.

photos from our lives

photos from our lives

sunset at mondo’s surf spot.

photos from our lives

and one of toaster, just for kicks!

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norther california
norther california
norther california

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