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etsy shop is back open!

April 11, 2013

sweet bonnie christine etsy shop

after taking a several month long hiatus from etsy (primarily due to our cross country move) i’m so happy to finally resurrect my etsy shop, sweet bonnie christine! it’s reopening has been inspired by the new roost tribe website and shop, and i’m happy to now offer many of the same items (plus some new ones!) on etsy as well. inside you’ll find lots of pretty clip art, blog graphics, patterns and repeating backgrounds, e-books, adobe illustrator tutorials, art prints, notecards and printables! head on over to sweet bonnie christine to see more. :)

pssst and don’t forget tribe members, you get 20% off anything in the shop! coupon can be found on the member’s welcome page.

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vegan valentine's day recipes

with valentine’s day just around the corner (it’s in 2 days, people!) i thought i’d share my annual round up of vegan valentine’s day dinner recipes (you can see last year’s here). it’s easy to get stumped when there’s a special occasion on the horizon, so i hope these sweet and savory options will get your gears turning. this year, we’re planning to just stay in, eat a special meal and maybe watch a movie. though i haven’t quite decided yet what i’ll make, i’ve been eying this recipe for ravioli and this one for vanilla icing shots (yum!).

what will you be cooking this year?

above: roasted chili ravioli | mushroom & spinach pockets | shepherd’s stew | simple tomato soup | spicy crisp tofu | vegetable pot pies | vegetables wellington redux

below: chocolate cake balls | chocolate cupcakes with buttercream | chocolate mini tarts | chocolate strawberries | chocolate frosting shots | sparkling cranberries

vegan valentine's day recipes

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jewelry from ruche

October 10, 2012

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jewelry from ruche (4)

beautiful bouquet indie earrings – $18.99

jewelry from ruche (1)

citrus touch abstract bracelet – $16.99

jewelry from ruche (2)

grecian goddess indie hair pin – $9.99

jewelry from ruche (3)

aqua tide square earrings – $9.99

i find ruche’s jewelry to be sweet, subtle and just my style. with little touches of vintage accents, they give just the right amount of punch. i have been especially fond of this teal blue and soft pink lately. swoon.

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lovely owl

November 16, 2011

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my dear friend katie daisy posted this video yesterday and i just couldn’t help but share it. i could try to justify it by sharing with you how much i love owls, or maybe it’s relevant because we are all roosting here, but really i just thought it was the cutest thing i ever did saw. enjoy!

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twig home

September 30, 2011

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twig home

while following erin godbey’s pinterest board for beautiful beds, i just so happened to discover this new delightful blog: twig home (i love all the inter-connectedness!). filled with inspiration for your home in just my style: sweet, comfortable and eclectic. i think you’ll enjoy browsing the pages. to get you started, here are a few of my favorite posts (clockwise with above):

colourful eclectic. picture from shelter

lost in translation. picture from vintage

autumn love. picture from the meat kitchen.

a pop of orange. picture from inspired design.

happy friday. picture from wit and delight

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mary kilvert

mary kilvert

mary kilvert

i recently found mary kilvert’s artwork and love the style of darling illustrations that are somehow perfectly suitable for either children or adults. i think this townhouse wallpaper would be beautiful in an entryway, or make for a sweet nursery. visit her shop to see more goodies, from tea towels and cushions to postcards and pocket mirrors.

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nicole's handmade treats

yum yum yum yum yum. are you hungry yet? nicole’s homemade treats look so delectable and scrumptious, she’s got me craving chocolate already this morning! handmade with care and only the best ingredients, these sweet treats are sure to be devoured up in no time.

nicole’s handmade treats: {blog}{shop}{facebook}

interested in advertising on going home to roost? click here to find out more!

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homegrown fall favorites

October 9, 2009

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hello dearies!  well, i got a little camera-happy yesterday with all the gorgeous fall colors around me, so i though i would share with you!  some are from my yard, and some are from my grandmomma’s yard.


these are from my front porch. i love the all the different shades of pumpkins- the gray ones are probably my favorite.  i think i’m going to have go get some more colors for a wider assortment- i love pumpkins.


i was surprised to see a butterfly out yesterday! so glad i did though, and so glad it hung around long enough for a photoshoot..


potato time!  i dug potatoes yesterday and was so happy to find so many.  we’ll have plenty of sweet potatoes for the winter- yum yum!

this is my favorite (and very simple) sweet potato recipe, and is great for those skinny, long ones.  slice them about 1/4″ thick and toss them w/ olive oil, salt & pepper (a little rosemary is delicious too).  bake them in a single layer at 400° for 30-40 minutes.   i’ve also done them before with nothing but sugar and cinnamon and they turn out completely different and just as tasty!


this is the green patch full of wintry goodness!  spinach, mustard greens, kale and chard make for a delicious mix.  i harvested all of this yesterday and now have *so much to freeze, but, we’ll have dark greens for the winter which i’m so excited about!

hope you all have a great weekend! what are you doing this early fall?  xoxo, bonnie

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