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mimi hammer swimwear

April 30, 2012

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today i’m loving this swimwear collection by mimi hammer. it’s feminine, flouncy and oh, so romantic!

visit mimi hammer: shop | facebook | twitter

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we are handsome

June 23, 2011

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we are handsome we are handsome

ok, not only do i love just about every piece that we are handsome makes, but oh how i love the intensity of these photos. they make me feel like a big ol’ beautiful summer day is just wrapping it’s arms around me. what a fun way to wear art on your body, and who wouldn’t love to sport that that wolf?

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soon to be beach bum

March 1, 2011

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2011 swimwear
soon, i will live both by the sea and in the mountains. the idea to me is a little overwhelming, as i’ve always been several hours away from the water. i consider myself a mountain girl. i like the trails, the scenery and ever-flowing rivers. the idea that i could have all that plus sandy beaches, rolling waves,  and year round sunny weather has never occurred to me. needless to say, i’ve begun to wrap my brain around it and cannot wait to experience it. the problem? well, i’ve got all the hippie mountain clothes i need, but now i need to start gathering easy-beach, cottage-by-the-sea, sunny-weather items. for starters, i like these suits above. what do you think? i also need to find a good romper.. (any advice?)

fig. 1: undrest diagonal suit (tied for 2nd fav?)
fig. 2: sophia top (maybe my favorite)
fig. 3: floral rush
fig. 4: avellanas suit
fig. 5: volcum striped
fig. 6: modern triangle bikini (tied for 2nd fav?)
fig. 7: sailor streamed bikini
fig. 8: plunging halter maillot

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