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January 28, 2010

i’ve been trying to figure out how to tag my products for a while now.  everything online seemed expensive with minimum orders of 1000 or more, and i just wasn’t ready to take the plunge! so, i was really excited when i found this solution.   using printable fabric makes the job easy, affordable and quick- i made these in just a few minutes!

using printable fabric from printed treasures allows you to simply run the fabric, right through your printer.  you could use this technique for any number of personalized projects, but made my task of making tags an easy one.  your local sewing or craft store should carry this, but just in case they don’t…

there’s an alternative method! you can simply iron freezer paper to the back of any fabric you have, cut it to a printer-friendly size and run it right through.  who knew?! the freezer paper easily peels right off and you’re left with the same result.  you could then even iron it on the other side to make double-sided labels.

this is my sheet of 30 labels, and i made sure to leave plenty of room at the top for sewing them in to my seam.

tagging your items are an important step in selling, especially if you’re filling wholesale or consignment orders.  letting the customer know where the product came from and how to find it again is so important.  and, tagging helps keep your business fresh in the mind of your consumers!

i used pinking shears to cut them out so as to prevent the sides from raveling.  you could also stitch around them to prevent fraying.

sewn right into the seam of my aprons, it makes the task of tagging a cinch!

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