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cheery homewares from leif

September 25, 2013

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i always look forward to seeing what’s new over at leif. all of their items are just so cheerful, don’t you think? i first fell in love with this copper planter, and then i couldn’t stop oohing and ahhing over the rest of their happy wares. above are just a few of my favorite things, in all their peachy glory!

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blossoming beauties

January 25, 2013

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violet tulips by ez pudewa of creature comforts

i’m so in love with the color palette that comes from this gorgeous photo of violet tulips from the talented ez pudewa over at creature comforts.  it’s been so cold this week that i really needed this dose of spring color. i hope the inspiration will carry you through the weekend! xo, bonnie

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poppy necklace

August 28, 2012

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towne and reese poppy necklace

today i’m loving these brightly colored poppy necklaces by towne and reese (found via).

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lililemieux photography

August 8, 2012

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lililemieux photography (2) lililemieux photography (6) lililemieux photography (7)

lililemieux photography (1) lililemieux photography (3) lililemieux photography (4) lililemieux photography (5)

i just found a new fav photographer, lili lemieux. lili is a self-taught artist photographer and soon-to-be clothing designer living in beautiful québec city, canada. i absolutely love her shots and the soft hues that accompany them. it’s all about seeing the beauty in the small things, you know? she also sells beautiful handmade totes, notecards, and photographs in her etsy shop, lililemieux.

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before and after: computer desk

thifted. ugly. brown. old. veneer. $20.

before and after: computer desk

functional. pretty. sturdy. revived. teal!

  • -chair is an antique find made form an old trough.
  • -blanket, picture frames and both lamps are thrifted.
  • -the map is of colorado springs (macvan maps; $10) (borders are a piece of molding from the hardware store that i spray painted black and stapled to the map to for easy hanging).
  • top picture is a piece of silk that i couldn’t turn down at the fabric store- so i framed it!

before and after: computer desk

i refinished the desk by starting with a really good primer that would adhere to shiny surfaces (without sanding).  then, i painted it using two coats of teal latex paint.  once dry, i hit all the corners with a sander to give it that ‘new but old’ look and applied a stain to the entire surface (minwax, ebony).  after wiping off the stain and letting it dry, i topped it off with two coats of enamel.  it sounds like a lot, but i was done in two afternoons- and that was just because i had to let things dry!

before and after: computer desk

i lined the drawers with this pretty handmade paper (from the local art store) using permanent spray adhesive on the bottom and a polyurethane top coat to keep it from getting stained, scratched or torn.

before and after: computer desk

(i had to make at least one drawer manly)

before and after: computer desk

i repainted the old brass handles- a good primer, two coats of yellow latex paint, a cover of stain and then a protective coat of enamel (spray paint) did the trick.

before and after: computer desk

so there you have it! it’s where i’m sitting right now- can you picture me in the chair?

happy weekend to you! and be safe on this halloween. :) david signed us up for a 5.5 mile trail run on sunday (eeks!) so i’ll be sure to eat lots of candy afterwards. ;) see you monday! xo, bonnie

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color inspiration

May 27, 2010

when i found this lovely post over at melissa loves this morning, i couldn’t help but be inspired by artist, rolo.  i hope you enjoy my collection of rich and indulgent color finds!

{cuéntame sobre el mar (al que alguna vez llamaste hogar)}

column 1 :: aspirations, the satine dress, royal purple and lime green serving bowl, spin mixed media

column 2 :: needle felted white raining cloud, brooklyn’s many colors painted vintage jar, double asian waves necklace, poolside… 1 pomagran- it, unisex polaroid hoody

column 3 :: vintage hollywood glamour birdcage veil, 15 may 10, effervescence, queen of the night 2, fine art carnival photo

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