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hi friends! i have another before and after to share with you! i found this fella at a local thrift store for $50 a while back and took him home with some big beachy plans in mind.

before and after: thrifted chest of drawers

here’s the before, it has 6 very nice sliding drawers in it- but boy is it heavy. i’m sure you would have loved seeing us trying to get it set up in the lawn- but happy that you didn’t!

before and after: thrifted chest of drawers
and here’s the after! i was a little uncertain about my choice of sea-green at first, but it has really grown on me. i attached 4 wheels on the bottom since it was so heavy and have paired it with a few pillows on the bed that match perfectly to help the whole room come together.

before and after: thrifted chest of drawers

hanging above is my diy patchwork art and on the table is a little artwork from one of our favorite bicycle artists, chris koelle.

before and after: thrifted chest of drawers

and though i’m not sure where she got it from, my sister recently sent my this birch vase. it looks so pretty with fresh flowers in it, and i think of her every time i see it. :)

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thrifty finds

April 29, 2011

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hi sweets! how are you? happy friday! i can’t believe it’s here already. along with unpacking box after box this week, i’ve tried my best to make some time to explore the local thrift stores. and boy am i glad i did! i found several treasures and have quite a few more stores to visit over the weekend. i thought i would share with you what i’ve found so far.

first up is this old wooden birdcage. i’ve been keeping my eye out for the perfect birdcage for over a year now, and this one was “it” the moment i saw it. yippee!

an old thermos colored brightly, perfect for a splash of color and to use as a flower vase.

and then there are these. our sofa and chair! found staring back at me at the local thrift store. they were a bit pricey for a thrift store, but were brand new and still wrapped in the plastic, so we splurged. made of 100% natural fibers and weaved with my favorite herringbone design, they are just perfect.

what will you be doing this weekend? i’m off to make a quick trip to ikea, then back here to do some more organizing. have a sunny filled weekend and i’ll see you back here on monday! xxo, bonnie

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hello, lovelies! today’s guest post comes to you from one of the sweetest gals, jes from oh, buckets! she found ghtr in it’s early (early) days, and we’ve been friends ever since. whether it’s a diy project or a new item for her shop, she’s always up to something new and whimsically beautiful. i hope you enjoy getting to know her and learning about this great project! xo, bonnie

book page bunting
My little Sofia turned 5 this past weekend and we celebrated with her requested butterfly and heart party – what a sweet combination!  I was able to use a table cloth that once belonged to my great, great grandma.  It was made from an old flour sack and beautifully embellished with none other than butterflies and blue embroidery!  I also made an adorable cake topper for Sofia’s little flourless chocolate heart cake, and a party pom out of cupcake liners!  But, the stars of the show were the book page buntings proudly announcing Sofia and her brand new age!  Read on for a super simple how-to:

What you’ll need:

An old book – I found mine at a thrift store for $0.50!

A hole puncher

Reinforcement circles

Ribbon – I used 3 yards

A sharp blade and scissors

Glue or decoupage – I used the latter

Paper to make your letters/numbers/shapes or pre-cut options

Your browser may not support display of this image.

book page bunting

Begin by cutting out the number of book pages you will need.  I used a sharp blade, but scissors would work just fine.  Since my little lady was turning five I chose to (mostly) use pages containing the number 5.  You can cut out whatever pages you like!  Then, punch two holes in the top of each page (this is where the ribbon will run thru).  Because old book pages are fragile, you will want to line the back of each punched hole with reinforcement circles.

Next, cut out your letters and/or pictures.  I used a Slice machine, but any similar tool would work!  You could also print the letters on the computer and cut them out or purchase pre-cut letters and/or pictures from a craft store.  I chose to adhere my letters with decoupage, but you could use glue.  Allow the letters to dry before adding the ribbon – about 20 minutes should do.

book page bunting

Finally, lay your pages out in the order you want them to hang.  Begin running your ribbon thru the holes – starting from the underside of each page, coming out the top, and then back down thru.  Make sure to leave enough ribbon at each end for hanging.  And, wa-la you’re done!

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dulcet : paper, art, & design

September 22, 2010

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dulcet : paper, art, & design

“Imagine an attic filled with books, birdcages, costume jewelry and old linens. Antique trunks overflowing with dresses, photos, maps, advertisements. The delightful decadence of clawfoot bathtubs and love letters. The simple pleasures of dusty libraries and thrift stores.”

a quote from poet and shop owner, kristy bowen of dulcet, a vintage-inspired studio offering beautiful paper goods, accessories, and vintage finds.  with nearly 20 pages full of old world nostalgia, you’ll be indulging your vintage-chicness and taking a trip down memory lane!

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happy friday lovelies!  i spent most of last weekend making over our last-on-the-to-do-list back porch, and i’m to share with you the before and after’s!  with some serious thriftiness and diy projects, i was able to do the entire makeover for under $300.  there are lots of little projects that i’ll be sharing with you over the next few weeks, but here is the big picture of our back porch makeover:

backporch before


backporch after


backporch before


backporch after


diy flower pot

side table

this table, fan, tic tac toe game and vase were all thrifted, for under $20!

hanging lanterns and candles

thrifty centerpiece

fabric scraps picture frame

diy flower vase

back porch makeover after

so, this is pretty much where you’ll find me this weekend! do you have any plans for the weekend?

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natalie :: love, natalie

April 7, 2010

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please welcome, guest poster: love, natalie

Hi everyone! It is so good to be posting on one of my favorite, favorite blogs today! I have a fun project in store for you! There is no doubt Bonnie and I share a love for thrift store frames and repurposing things. There is so much you can do with frames, and they don’t always have to be used for pictures. Many frames lying around thrift stores do not have glass and are usually dirt, cheap. We’re talking cents here!

This project is a framed jewelry display. It is a beautiful way to show your jewelry. Not only does it work as décor, but keeps your jewelry organized as well. Wouldn’t this make a lovely, handmade gift, maybe along with a pretty pair of earrings? The options are endless. I choose a metallic silver spray paint to give my frame a lift, but there are so many colors to choose from, including matte or gloss to make your jewelry display truly personalized.


To start, wash your frame really well and sand down if needed. The frame I used sucked up the paint very well so I didn’t need to sand it or use a primer. If your frame is glossy, I’d recommend sanding it a little and using a primer if you feel the paint might peal.

  1. You’ll need one can of spray paint, the little screws with screw eyes, drill, and fishing line.
  2. Mark where you would like your screws. Make sure you have them equally spaced on both sides so the fishing line will be straight. You can drill to start the screw more easily or if your frame is made of soft wood you can screw straight into the wood without a drill. (My frame is oak so it’s really hard.)
  3. This is to show you what your screws should look like.
  4. Spray away, all sides including the back.
  5. Tie the fishing line on the screw eye to the other very tightly.
  6. Snip the extra fishing line.
  7. Hang your jewelry and enjoy!


If you decide to do this project, I hope you have fun with it! Any frame, any size will work. Your personality will truly come though, especially after you add your jewels! Thank you Bonnie for sharing Going Home to Roost today!

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diy :: thrift store frames

February 23, 2010

tdiy thrift store frames

you’ve probably gathered by now that i’ve got a thing for 1) old frames, 2) white paint & 3) diy projects.  whelp- this one combines all three!  i’ve got old frames all over my house, and i’m estimating that i didn’t spend more than $15 on all of them put together.  it’s amazing what you’ll find if you just do a little thrifting!

diy thrift store frames

i used valspar spray paint (found at most hardware stores) to turn these ol’ frames into some of my favorite pieces around the house.

here’s the how to:

1) give your frames a good cleaning (i used simple green and a dry cloth), and let dry.

2) most frames will benefit greatly if you use a primer like this one (half way down, #65054), which helps the top coat stick better, cover better and go on smoothly.

3) after the primer has dried, spray paint with a high gloss white paint (i used valspar gloss in white).  let dry completely (only takes a few hours!) and your ready to start displaying them.

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