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flora study

November 1, 2011

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miles of light

with rocks and twigs and feathers and roots, miles of light captures the simplistic beauty of the nature that surrounds us. today, it brings me joy and appreciation for the small things.

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nancy nelson jewelry

no wonder i love nancy nelson’s jewelry, she lives and gathers inspiration from my sweet-home-of-homes- the appalachian mountains! i find her jewelry to be natural-rustic and feminine-chic all at the same time.  the woodland themes and dainty details evoke an emotion and tell a story for the wearer- and for me i think it would be a feeling of oneness with nature.  starting out as a display coordinator for the mother-of-all creative retail stores, anthropologie, nancy has evolved into a creative business owner and mom with an eye for design.

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woodland belle jewelry

December 20, 2010

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woodland belle jewelry

{tiny woodlan terrarium golden stag ring}

woodland belle jewelry

i feel as though this post hardly needs any words, as the photos speak for themselves! this most perfectly woodsy, feminine and detailed jewelry comes to you from woodland belle. the artist, mai mckemy, lives in asheville, nc (our home grounds) and if you knew anything about the city, you wouldn’t be surprised. it’s filled with the most eco-aware, mindful people that honor both the earth and the arts. i love the intricate detail in all of her work, the moss on these twig hair pins and the tiny succulents on this garden necklace.

visit woodland belle’s site to learn more, and shop the collection either on etsy or big cartel.

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October 25, 2010

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in addition to my camera, you know i took a few plastic baggies! how sweet (and patient) david was to let me trail off in search for little found things. a little shrubbery, some dried flowers and some spanish moss should do the trick!

nature finds
nature finds
nature finds
nature finds
nature finds

i haven’t quite decided what i’m going to do with all of my foundlings yet, but i also managed to come out with some living moss, so i might try my way at making a terrarium (any advice?).  i also found a fallen birch branch in which i quickly gathered up- i have big plans for it in our bedroom, and will show you as soon as i get it set up!

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twigs by wren woods

April 30, 2010

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wren woods

a few years ago, i fell hard for the seemingly new theme of bringing the outdoors in.  it’s with chic elegance that you can now adorn your space with outdoor treasures without going country.  i’ve got little wooden shelves, a twig key holder and even some drift wood around my home as decor and every time i see a twig, something inside me always makes me want it.  there was no exception when i ran across wren woods, and all of their beautiful hooks and vases.  they are all handcrafted and made from real wood, sealed for protection.  they’re simple coversation peices that make a statment about your decor, and best of all they’re affordable!

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