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playing nurse

April 30, 2012

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sunny day

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i debated a little on whether or not to share this on ghtr, but this blog is a direct reflection of my life, and you all are like family to me. so, here’s a snippet of my life lately! david, my husband, is a professional cyclist and cycling coach, and while riding with an athlete in albuquerque, new mexico last week had a major crash and shattered his collarbone in to 7 pieces. oh no!

i received the dreaded phone call while they were still on the side of the road, uncertain of what other damage might have occurred. i don’t do well with this kind of stuff. it was especially hard because i was in north carolina at the time (thankfully with my family). i struggle with worrying too much as it is, and constantly have to pray away my fear and worry when it comes to his riding and general extreme-ness.

within a few hours, david had seen a surgeon and scheduled surgery for the next morning. i quickly researched flights and booked one that would get me there in time for his surgery. family took me to the airport (an all-night adventure) for my 6am flight and i arrived just in time to give him a smooch before they rolled him back. sigh.

surgery took 90 minutes longer than expected (tick-tock-tick-tock), as they quickly realized his collarbone had several shattered pieces and putting the jigsaw puzzle back together was quite the challenge. you can see his before and after x-rays if you want (they are pretty incredible!). needless to say, he is now the proud new owner of 9 screws and a titanium plate.

he came through the surgery without a hitch and despite a few (very) rough days, we’re making it alright. we reluctantly made the trip back to north carolina on saturday and are so happy to be home and surrounded by family (we return to california next week). he’s progressing slowly but surely and is expected to make a full recovery, praise the Lord!

i am above all thankful. i realize it could have been much (much) worse and i am incredibly grateful for being able to make the trip, safe travels and an amazing surgeon. i just wanted to share with you a bit of my life, as things are not always overflowing with flowers and butterflies behind the scene. :) for now, i’ve got to go back to playing nurse. happy monday!

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update and this week’s menu

September 9, 2011

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hello, sweets! i just wanted to give you a quick update as to my doctor’s visit yesterday. turns out, i’ve managed to tear the lateral meniscus in my left knee and possibly my acl (eeks!). we are awaiting mri results this afternoon, but they have scheduled me to have surgery on tuesday morning. that means, i’m not quite sure what ghtr will look like next week! if i’m not too terribly dazed on pain meds, you’ll be seeing me as usual, but i’m going to guess that i might be skipping a few days. i will try to keep you posted, but as of now that’s the info i have. thank you so much for all your kinds words, thoughts and prayers!

now, moving on! i just thought the other day how fun it might be to share with you the recipes i’ve made throughout the week on fridays. occasionally they are my original recipes, but many times they are found in my favorite cookbooks or blogs. i often edit them to my liking, but i’ll try to share with you as much as possible (and always only the good-husband-approved ones). :)

monday: zucchini fritters from smitten kitchen

tuesday: made the best berry cobbler (used blackberries this time).

wednesday: beanballs and spaghetti from veganomicon – online recipe here.

thursday: ate the best vegan meal ever at adama vegan comfort food. if you’re in the area, we highly recommend!

anything noteworthy on your menu this week? please do share in the comments section!

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dad update

January 28, 2011

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happy friday! just wanted to give you all an update on how my dad is doing (read here to catch up), as i know many of you have been thinking about us this week. i’m so very pleased to announce that he came through the surgery with no complications and is doing great. we are still waiting on his pathology results (should be getting those today) but the doctor expects to find clear margins and a successful outcome. praise the Lord! we got home from the hospital yesterday and he’s been in such great spirits. he’s been cracking jokes since the minute he woke up from surgery and has had us laughing the whole time- that’s helped keep our spirits high.

i’m taking care of all of their meals this week, and am trying to get some healing goodness in him despite his pickiness! he’s a simple guy, and doesn’t like things too fancy. plus, i’m a veg-head so that only complicates the matter. i’ve got a couple of veggie soups planned and some simple salads, but it’s everything i can do to keep from sprucing things up a bit. ha!

i wanted to thank each and every one of you for your prayers, sweet comments, support, kindness and patience! i know this week has been a bit off, but things will get back to normal come monday. i am so thankful for the community we have created here and i love knowing that we can count on each other and always be there for each other. you really are the best!

love, bonnie

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