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diy copper + glass vases (5)

i’ve been looking for something small and sweet to hang next to my workspace, and have finally found the answer! after roaming the isles of our local hardware store, inspiration struck when i laid eyes on a pair of copper bell hangers. i just so happend to have a couple of glass test tubes at home that would fit perfectly and snuggly inside.

the actual diy was super fast and incredibly simple. AND, it costs less than $5 bucks!

here’s what you need:

1″ copper plated bell hanger(s)
20mm glass test tube with a rim
drywall anchor(s) (if not hanging in a stud)


remove the top curved piece by loosening the two clamp screws. using the included mounting screw, screw the base of the bell hanger into the wall (be sure to first use a drywall anchor if not drilling into a stud). attach the top curved piece back into place by tightening the clamp screws. insert the glass test tube. fill with water and a beautiful bloom! hint: i also placed a small piece of foam on the inside to secure the glass better (you can see it in the picture above). not a necessary step, but good measure for extra stability.

also pictured here are a set of new hexagon shelves by haase handcraft! it’s no secret that i have a think for honeycomb shapes, and these fill my workspace so beautifully. the pretty blackberry print is from ez pudewa and the letter tray is from ikea.

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diy: felt craspedia

July 14, 2011

diy felt

this is quite possibly the cutest (and simplest) diy project i’ve seen. as featured over on design*sponge, kate takes your through this simple project step by step. just think- no wilting flowers, falling petals or browning water! granted, i will always keep fresh flowers around the house, this would be a great way to keep something fresh in those spaces where you can’t get to as often. like on a bookshelf or in a guest room? i can hear my wool roving calling my name as we speak, so i’m off to get crafty!

for the full diy instructions, click here!

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around the yard

May 20, 2011

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to say i’m still in shock of the natural terrain here is an understatement. it seems that every time i go out into the yard i see a rose that was just created to be put in a vase and enjoyed over dinner! since i just came in with some fresh ones, i thought i would share them with you. i hope they brighten your day as they have mine!

roses from my yard

roses from my yard

roses from my yard

roses from my yard

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One of the easiest ways to decorate on a budget and turn trash into treasure is by decoupaging. Vases in particular are a great thing to make because they look great and they’re functional. In this DIY, I take a used glass bottle, and turn it into a charming bud vase that matches my home decor.


glass or plastic container

mod podge

paint brush or sponge


colored or patterned paper


Wash and dry the container you will be repurposing. Take your favorite paper (the thinner, the better), and cut it into 1/2 inch to one inch strips or squares.

Place the paper face down on a place mat or other surface that you don’t mind getting glue on. Use your paint brush or sponge to cover the back of the paper with Mod Podge.

Apply each strip, one-by-one, to the container. It helps to start at the bottom and work your way up, and smooth out creases and bubbles as you go.

After the entire container is covered with paper, you may choose to do another layer, or if it is opaque enough, begin the outer coating process. With your paint brush, apply a top coat of Mod Podge to seal and protect the paper. Let dry.

And that is it! If you want to get really creative, You could also: tie off the finished vase with a ribbon; apply another color of paper to add trim; cut out letters to create a monogram silhouette; or, use acrylic paint to add additional details.

Have you ever decoupaged before? What interesting objects have you created?

ashley paul indie pretty project Out to find ways to make life simpler, Ashley is tackling life one DIY project at a time. Learning as she goes, she also spends her days writing Indie Pretty Projects and creating for her Etsy shop.

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thrifty finds

April 29, 2011

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hi sweets! how are you? happy friday! i can’t believe it’s here already. along with unpacking box after box this week, i’ve tried my best to make some time to explore the local thrift stores. and boy am i glad i did! i found several treasures and have quite a few more stores to visit over the weekend. i thought i would share with you what i’ve found so far.

first up is this old wooden birdcage. i’ve been keeping my eye out for the perfect birdcage for over a year now, and this one was “it” the moment i saw it. yippee!

an old thermos colored brightly, perfect for a splash of color and to use as a flower vase.

and then there are these. our sofa and chair! found staring back at me at the local thrift store. they were a bit pricey for a thrift store, but were brand new and still wrapped in the plastic, so we splurged. made of 100% natural fibers and weaved with my favorite herringbone design, they are just perfect.

what will you be doing this weekend? i’m off to make a quick trip to ikea, then back here to do some more organizing. have a sunny filled weekend and i’ll see you back here on monday! xxo, bonnie

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DIY hanging mason jars

April 28, 2011


oh, how excited i was to recieve this sweet diy project in my inbox this morning! heather from post road vintage sells these darling hanging jars in her shop, but has been kind enough to share the full diy on her blog. yeah!

i’m thinking these scream mother’s day, am i right? sweet, simple, and handmade. you could also use this same technique with several different kinds of jars. i’ve been collecting old blue ones of various shapes for a long time now, and this project seems just perfect for them. you could also put a little tea light candle in them when you’re low on fresh cut flowers to create a beautiful, old-timey ambiance.

i’m thinking about hanging several of these around our wisteria trellis. i’m planning to use that as an outdoor dining space, and think these would be the perfect added touch. what do you think?

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hi all! this is bonnie’s mom, maxine, and i’m so excited to post for you today! i am always inspired by bonnie’s projects- in fact, her whole life inspires me. i inherited a few of her youngest chickens when she left for colorado and they began to lay this week! i was absolutely thrilled. one of them is an easter egger, which means she will lay blue eggs. i really miss bonnie, but i know she’s where she is supposed to be right now, and i’m excited for her.

diy pumpkin fower vase

she asked if i’d like to post instructions for a floral arrangement that i made for becky’s (her sister’s) halloween party. this arrangement would be nice to use through thanksgiving and it’s really very easy to do.

diy pumpkin fower vase


– a pumpkin
– assorted flowers
– assorted greenery (i used hydrangea stems, bradford pear tree limbs and ornamental grasses, all from my yard)
– chicken wire (about 5″ x 24″) or florists foam (the kind that absorbs water)

diy pumpkin fower vase


step 1: cut out the top of the pumpkin. save it to use in the arrangement.
step 2: clean out the inside of the pumpkin and discard. (seeds and gooey stuff)
step 3: roll up the chicken wire into a loose ball & stuff it inside the pumpkin. it won’t move around if you push it in place. if you don’t have chicken wire you can use florist foam. it needs to be slightly larger than the inside bottom half of the pumpkin so that it will stay firmly in place.
step 4: use a florist pick or wire to attach the pumpkin top to the front side of the pumpkin edge. I used a few 3″ long florist wire pick.
step 5: arrange your flowers as desired. add the greenery where needed.
step 6: fill with water and enjoy!

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this handmade porcelain by samantha robinson is bold, yet delicate and feminine all at the same time.  i love the the bright colors and floral, girly patterns.  her website alone is piece of art, and each vase, kettle and tea cup i see there gets me finding the perfect place for them around my home!

isn’t this set up a vision?  she also sells fresh flowers and if you happen to be in australia, you can find her at the paddington markets.

i hope you have a sunshine-y weekend, and hope to meet you back here on monday!

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