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wall of fabric

June 16, 2014

wall of fabric! (1)

as our home starts to come together, i’m excited to share more and more of it with you. spring fever has hit and i’ve been checking off several projects i’ve been thinking about for a long time. this one may be my favorite. :)

for every fabric collection i design, i’m over-the-moon-excited to receive a bolt of each piece. seriously, when i get this package in the mail i leap for joy! i use this fabric for marketing, giveaways, blog hops, sample sewing and of course a few personal projects as well! it also leaves me with bundles of bolts, and along with it, a bit of a storage dilemma.

a wall of fabric! (3)

storage dilemma solved! i’ve been staring at this blank wall behind my workspace for a year. the steps lead up to my sewing room, so when the ideas struck to hang my fabric i couldn’t resist! now it doubles at artwork and doesn’t take up any floor space in my tiny sewing room.

a wall of fabric! (1)

i know there are probably not very many of you who have bolts and bolts of fabric like this, but you could always roll your fabric around a tube to store it in the same way. to hang them, i drilled holes in the bottom of 1.5″ wooden round discs (like this) and strung twine up through the center of the tube (a knot in the bottom holds the disc in place). i then used super hooks to hang them- those things are amazing!

wall of fabric! (2)

also shown here are my favorite new hexagon shelves and some faux white taxidermy.

a wall of fabric! (2)

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my new gallery wall

June 3, 2014

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gallery wall with change of art frames (5)

i struggle with big blank walls. i have always found it much easier to decorate around windows and shelves, or anything that provides a little structure. we have a large wall in our living room though, and after spending a year staring at it, i think i’m finally happy with it!

gallery wall with change of art frames (7)

a few months ago, i absolutely fell in love with the frames from change of art. let me tell you, this is one amazing company! first of all, the frames have a clean, modern look that would look good in any home (they are also available in black and alder brown). but more importantly, they are incredibly easy to hang (watch a video here), made in the U.S.A. and eco-friendly from the glass, frame and paint all the way down to the packaging.

gallery wall with change of art frames (1)

each change of art frame comes with a paper template that’s printed to look like the frame, so you can arrange your gallery before you begin putting holes in your wall. once you’re happy with the look, all you have to do is nail in the ‘button hanger’ and remove the template. they even come with their own nail and blue painter’s tape to hang the template with! seriously, they’ve thought of everything. there’s also no need to ever touch (or clean!) the glass or matte. simply insert your photo into the slot and you’re ready to go. there’s also a convenient pocket on the back to hold several art prints in so you can change the art frequently without any hassle. (perfect for children’s artwork!)

gallery wall with change of art frames (3)

gallery wall with change of art frames (2)     gallery wall with change of art frames (6)

most of the artwork is my own, besides a print from katie daisy and the homeground. tomorrow i’ll share with you how i made the brown wooden frames, and just in case you fell in love with my sweet as honey hexagon quilt, you can purchase the quilt kit here!



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diy copper + glass vases (5)

i’ve been looking for something small and sweet to hang next to my workspace, and have finally found the answer! after roaming the isles of our local hardware store, inspiration struck when i laid eyes on a pair of copper bell hangers. i just so happend to have a couple of glass test tubes at home that would fit perfectly and snuggly inside.

the actual diy was super fast and incredibly simple. AND, it costs less than $5 bucks!

here’s what you need:

1″ copper plated bell hanger(s)
20mm glass test tube with a rim
drywall anchor(s) (if not hanging in a stud)


remove the top curved piece by loosening the two clamp screws. using the included mounting screw, screw the base of the bell hanger into the wall (be sure to first use a drywall anchor if not drilling into a stud). attach the top curved piece back into place by tightening the clamp screws. insert the glass test tube. fill with water and a beautiful bloom! hint: i also placed a small piece of foam on the inside to secure the glass better (you can see it in the picture above). not a necessary step, but good measure for extra stability.

also pictured here are a set of new hexagon shelves by haase handcraft! it’s no secret that i have a think for honeycomb shapes, and these fill my workspace so beautifully. the pretty blackberry print is from ez pudewa and the letter tray is from ikea.

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golden dot decals

April 29, 2014

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  golden dot decals (2)

larken’s nursery

golden dot decals. i absolutely love this trend! i think it’s such a fun and easy (not to mention affordable!) detail to add to a room. i especially like the idea for a children’s room or nursery since the dots can’t fall down or be pulled off the wall.

golden dot decals (1)

above images clockwise: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

you can find confetti decals on etsy, urban walls or even make them yourself. anyone inspired?

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the herringbone shuffle

January 23, 2014

the herringbone shuffle stencil by bonnie christine (5)

the herringbone shuffle stencil i designed for royal design studio is popping up all over the place, and it’s so fun to see everyone’s projects! you guys are quite the creative crew, you know? here are just a few of the dozens of projects i’ve seen using the herringbone shuffle.

the herringbone shuffle stencil by bonnie christine (1)

diy on the cheap

the herringbone shuffle stencil by bonnie christine (2)

clockwise: craft interrupted | the cards we drew | mad in crafts

the herringbone shuffle stencil by bonnie christine (3)

clockwise: east coast creative | megan brooke handmade | my blessed life

the herringbone shuffle stencil by bonnie christine (4)

herringbone wall by the bold abode

below are several more projects made with bonnie christine stencils. seeing them just makes me want to break out my paintbrush and stencil my whole house!

bonnie christine wall stencils (4)

forest floor damask with fly away with me

bonnie christine wall stencils (2)

daisy dot

bonnie christine wall stencils (3)

forest floor damask with diamonds and dots

have you stenciled anything lately? i would love to see your projects, too! and don’t forget, if you would like to grab any of these stencils, going home to roost readers always get 10% using code ‘BONNIE10′ at royal design studio!

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happy news #2

May 10, 2013

i am so excited to share with you my happy news #2 (or #3 if you count this and this): my new stencil collection with royal design studio!

the launch of this line is yet another dream come true that i’ve been eager to share with you for months now! i’m so happy the time has finally come to spill the beans on all my happy news. :)

bonnie christine stencils for royal design studios (7)

working with royal designs studio has been so amazing. from the first instant i saw their website, i was blown away at how beautiful the stencils are and how modern and creative their approach is to stenciling.

working with melanie royals (owner and creative behind rds) has been wonderful. not only is she incredibly sweet, but her attention to detail and creative sense is refreshing and truly inspirational.

bonnie christine stencils for royal design studios (2)

my first line of stencils with royal design studio is whimsical and inspired by nature. you’ll find a few that coordinate with my new fabric line (like this one and this one) and several others that are new and exclusive to this collection.

you’ll find falling daisies, flocks of birds, vintage vases and other wonderments to feather your nest with as you explore the new line. the stencils in this collection are perfect for walls, floors, furniture, fabric.. and more!

above: bloomers offered in 3 sizes: big bloomers, medium bloomers, and baby bloomers

bonnie christine stencils for royal design studios (3)

add a little granny chic to your space with these vintage vases or a sweet and simple look with the wonderment trellis stencil. offered in two sizes, the small-scale trellis is perfect for small wall spaces, furniture, and floorcloths and the large-scale trellis is perfect for feature walls.

bonnie christine stencils for royal design studios (4)

the herringbone shuffle gives a woven herringbone look, but with a more open, airy feel that makes it easier to introduce multiple colors using stencil brushes. the soaring flock of birds stencil is another pattern with several design options! above, you’ll see the pattern repeated twice and offset in two colors to create more depth and dimension.

bonnie christine stencils for royal design studios (5)

one of my favorite designs are the daisy dots. each size and shape of flower comes with three pieces: 2 layers of petals and a scalloped border which gives you several design options. use either of the petal stencils alone, layer them for more depth OR use the use all three! offered in 3 sizes: small daisy dot, medium daisy dot, large daisy dot.

bonnie christine stencils for royal design studios (6) the forest floor damask stencil was inspired by the flora and fauna of nature. stencil repeatedly on a wall or floor to create a blanket of natural goodness, or turn the square pattern repeat on its side and stencil it as checkerboard tiles. the space in between makes for a perfect fit for the large fly away with me bird stencil.

pssst! grab 20% off through next friday (5/17/13) by using code “BONNIE20″.

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embroidery hoop art

April 25, 2012

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embroidery hoop art

embroidery hoop art


embroidery hoop art

popping up everywhere, i love the simplicity of this latest trend. embroidery hoop art is a great way to doll up a drab wall or add an unexpected element to a traditional wall art display. adding a round piece of art to an array of squares can instantly take a display to the next level- and embroidery hoops seem to fit the bill perfectly!

1) this is my happy place
2) keep it simple
3) nerds have more fun
4) shabby chic hoop
5) reindeer hoop
6) i heart you
7) blossom

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tick tock cutesy clocks

February 17, 2011

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handmade clocks

saving for a rainy day

handmade clocks

sweethearts tree carving clock

handmade clocks

bamboo doily clock

handmade clocks

it’s party time

handmade clocks

wood panel – wild flowers

handmade clocks

doily clock

handmade clocks

goldfish clock

handmade clocks

kirie bamboo clock

tick-tock cutesy clocks! i love to replace ordinary must-haves with intriguing conversation pieces. who says a clock has to be boring? turn it into something that draws attention and starts a conversation. who knows, maybe you’ll inspire others to buy handmade!

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