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holiday gift guide: for the naturalist

the naturalist loves to explore the forest, is careful to use organics and can frequently be found in her garden. she finds great pleasure in the simplicities of life and has a sweet, gentle spirit about her. she is a lover of earth tones, greenery and cozy things.

1) cream knit blanket – $95 | 2) teardrop terrarium – $60 | 3) moth brooch – $10 | 4) natural washcloth – $6 | 5) fingerless mittens – $29 | 6) butterfly flip necklace – $44 | 7) gold rattan balls – $16.50 | 8) planted with love garden market – $12 | 9) amethyst crystal soap – $7 | 10) porcelain bird bath – $95 | 11) vase no. 1 – $42 | 12) birch tree coasters – $10

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wild pulp

January 16, 2012

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wild pulp wild pulp

the perfect mixture of flora and fauna. i just love these little guys from wild pulp! all from a series called ‘north american animals in bark’, owen smith photographs the barks of specific tree species and then looks for the animals spirit reflected in the world of flora that surrounds them. i love that. :) the perfect inspiration for this project? john muir’s quote, “when we tug at a single thing in nature, we find it attached to the rest of the world.”

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prints by hisss

April 13, 2010

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hisss illustrations

polar opposites

hisss art

i found hisss illustrator a few weeks ago, and have kept in my browser ever since.  i love the subtle colors, softness and depth of each of them.  from the raccoon costume to the mirrorcats to the chip off the ‘ol block, the visual commentary keeps be so intrigued!

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is it really friday already?  this week has flown by for me! but it has been a good one, has it been good for you?  today i’m going to spread some love by sharing a few diy projects that i found around the blogosphere this week.  i think you’ll really enjoy them!


first off is this *amazing hand made deer head from love, natalie!  i’ve been looking for just the right one to add to our home, and this has sealed the deal!  it comes from a book called dorm decor (not just for dorms!) and you can find it pretty easily (and cheaply) from amazon.  i think that my mom has this one at her sewing shop, and since i’m going in today i’ll check it out for you! hopefully i’ll be able to get back to you with an update on it later today.  meanwhile, head over to love, natalie to see how she created hers!


well bummer.  she’s out of dorm decor.  but, i’ve put a few on order so maybe we can re-visit this next week? who knows, maybe i’ll have even made one by then!

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