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May 20, 2011

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to say i’m still in shock of the natural terrain here is an understatement. it seems that every time i go out into the yard i see a rose that was just created to be put in a vase and enjoyed over dinner! since i just came in with some fresh ones, i thought i would share them with you. i hope they brighten your day as they have mine!

roses from my yard

roses from my yard

roses from my yard

roses from my yard

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May 10, 2011

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i’m used to having flowers in my yard. it was a long (and cold) 7 months in colorado without a single boom in my yard. to be greeted here by several dozen rose bushes, fresh herbs and a trailing vine that covers the house has been more than wonderful, its been rejuvenating. things are getting back to normal. things are green and colorful once again. i picked these a few days ago and love the soft brightness they bring into the room. today, i am thankful for blooms of all kinds. what are you thankful for?

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would you like to take a walk in the yard with me?  i was out with my camera yesterday, and found lots of goodies to share with you!  i don’t even know what some of the blooms are (like these first ones) but they make me exited none the less. there are splashes of pink, purple and orange all around the yard!

i saved my favorites for last. :)  the first one is of some baby birds we have residing in our birdhouse, they are so big!  and this bottom one is from our resident robin.  she’s laid the prettiest blue eggs i’ve ever seen!  they are in the perfect place for me to take pictures of (without disturbing her or the nest) so hopefully, i’ll be able to track their progress with you!

you can see the full set of garden pics in my beautiful blooms album on flickr!

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around the yard

September 10, 2009

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hello!  well, i again got a little camera-happy around my grandmother’s yard this week.  everything she has going on is so beautiful, i couldn’t bare not to share!


aren’t these pods stunning hanging over the mess of beauty below?


this bee was really having a good time in there- i wish i could have taken a video- ha!


you wouldn’t believe the bouquets she can make- ooohh what i aspire to do one day..


ok, a closer look.  None-13

her path is lined with these daisies- it makes it such a dreamy place..

hope you all are having a wonderful day! love, bonnie

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